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Beethoven: Symphony No. 3 & Violin Concerto
Sinfonieorchester Wuppertal (September 2020)

“The attentive orchestra under [Tobias] Ringborg plays together with great sensitivity.”

– Johannes Vesper, Westdeutsche Zeitung

Orphée aux enfers Malmö Opera (February 2020)

“Tobias Ringborg brings pace to the orchestra, which elegantly glides between idyllic, pastoral and cancan passages.”

– Bo Löfvendahl, Svenska Dagbladet

La bohème at the New Zealand Opera (September 2018)

“Tobias Ringborg’s superb conducting allowed the orchestra to swoon where necessary but without giving in to undue sentimentality. Overall, the crowd scenes in the central acts and the byplay between the bohemians was handled swiftly and due emphasis given to comic moments. Puccini’s little pictoral touches, such as the pizzicato falling of snow or the crackling of the flames consuming Rodolfo’s play, were consistently brought out to striking effect. Ringborg was more flexible in the showstopping moments for the singers, allowing Devoe in particular to fill out her rapturous lines. The orchestra too was in ecstatic form, ably supporting this highly appealing performance of Puccini’s masterpiece.”

– Simon Holden, Bachtrack

Trouble in Tahiti at Opera North (October 2017)

“Tobias Ringborg conducts with the right insouciant panache. I loved every minute and recommend it warmly.”

– Rupert Christiansen, The Telegraph